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The Hope Alliance implements programs in locations where sustainable solutions for meeting basic needs and attaining a minimally acceptable quality of life are not yet in place. We use a “hand up” not a “hand out” approach. Before embarking on a project, members of The Hope Alliance team consult with community leaders to ascertain the needs of the community, using an objective needs assessment.
In the communities which it serves, Hope Alliance planned objectives are to meet essential human needs such as can provide temporary assistance, for example, food, clothing, household items, financial aid, transportation, job search assistance, employment preparation, relevant education, literacy, and development programs. These are provided to target groups made up of poor, needy, homeless, unemployed persons, disadvantaged youths, single-parent homes, immigrants, and under-empowered community members. The following programs are available to meet the specific needs of the various groups identified both in the United States and in motherland Africa.

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